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Published on: Thursday June 6 2024, 3:05 pm

Our readings this Sunday are about change, the drivers behind that change and the hope and power for positive transformation.  In Genesis chapter 3 we read of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, caught out by God in their guilt.  Their response was not grief and repentance but to enter into the blame game.  They wreaked human damage to life within the paradise God had created and in which they had been given a special place as stewards of this creation.  By their choices, Adam and Eve broke their relationship with God. Human greed and willingness to be led astray by Satan brought about a devastating change which cast a long-lasting shadow on the world. 

In Mark’s Gospel, chapter 3, we see Jesus transforming suffering and broken understanding, bringing to the hungry crowds a glimpse of the power and hope of a restored world and relationship with God.  Jesus offered change and was not backward in challenging those in power. And those in power feared that change and accused Jesus of being possessed by Satan, shifting the focus away from their own failures onto blaming Jesus.  Even Jesus’ own family misunderstand him and thought his behaviour crazy. Perhaps they came in loving care to take him away for his own protection; perhaps they were angry that he seemed to be sidetracked from what they felt was his responsibility as head of the family, or were they afraid at the risk to them that his actions might pose?  Within the limitations of their family perceptions, they tried to change Jesus’ mind, and he responded by opening up and transforming what it means to be family: “whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother.”

As we meditate on these passages, we also enter The Great Big Green Week this Saturday.  In this week we are brought face to face again with the damage we have done to God’s beautiful creation and the behaviours we continue to perpetrate that extend this shadow over the world.  We are challenged to recognise all the hurts to the environment and to the lives of others that we bring about by what we do and what we fail to do on a daily basis, through our own desires for convenience, comfort, belongings, etc.  We are challenged to confront wherever we pass the buck on changing our own behaviours or on demanding change at institutional or political levels.  It is not enough to lament or blame.  We are called to show that we are brothers and sisters of Jesus by living out his love and taking seriously God’s charge on us to care for his creation.

This year, the Great Big Green Week invites us to be part of this action by scrutinising wherever we might be wasteful, by thinking about the impact on others of all of the production chain of what we use, and by being proactive in recycling in all sorts of ways. 

What will you do this week to be creation stewards and to make positive change?

May God bless you in your efforts!

Lucy G

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