Letting go & the boomerang effect

Published on: Sunday February 28, 5:07 pm

(a sermon on Mark 8.31-38) Have you ever overheard the tail of a conversation and wished you’d heard it all? Or been the person speaking, and realised that what you just said to one person is something that everyone needed to hear? So you raise your voice, gather everyone together, and make the point again […]

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the power and gift of words

Published on: Thursday February 25, 10:24 am

Poetry (and poets) can often be like marmite – love ‘em or hate ‘em. But poetry (and indeed words) can have a profound effect. And it can lead from one place to another like stepping stones in a stream. Words can be powerful and transformative and, when well crafted, are life-giving. This Saturday is the […]

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Jesus & Wilderness: being truthful with our pain

Published on: Thursday February 18, 1:05 pm

Caring for elderly parents and relatives is a burden that is really hard to speak about, not least because of our sense of love and duty to them. A few days ago I was chatting to an old friend. I asked her to share her thoughts on this – she writes with an honesty of […]

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Lent, Gratitude and Not Giving Up

Published on: Saturday February 13, 12:58 pm

Usually Lent is taken as a time of fasting and penitence, a time to give up something for a short while. Not so that we can feel all virtuous but rather as a symbol and route to seeing the spiritual truth and reality behind all our material goods. It’s also about being in solidarity with […]

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Thoughts on St Valentine

Published on: Thursday February 11, 3:55 pm

This Sunday, 14th February, is St Valentine’s Day, a date on which it has become traditional to send an often anonymous card to one’s sweetheart. St Valentine’s Day has been described as one of the year’s big gifting days, along with Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day, when people express love in the giving of flowers, […]

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Wisdom, Breath, Word: In the Beginning…

Published on: Monday February 8, 8:57 am

In the beginning was the Word… Thus begins many a sermon at Midnight Mass! In his famous prologue to his gospel, St John describes Christ as the Word of God which existed before all else came into being. And that this Word of God was the means and vehicle through which all that exists came […]

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Wisdom as the Foundation of all things

Published on: Thursday February 4, 11:41 am

Foundations aren’t always pretty, but without them anything that is built is unlikely to last the test of time and “weather” – that is to say, events and circumstances which will put pressure upon it. And this is true both literally and metaphorically. And the taller a building is, the more important foundations become. Our […]

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Candlemas: Light & Transformation

Published on: Sunday January 31, 10:59 am

Sermon for 31st January by Revd. Jim Mynors This weekend is celebrated with various names – notably Candlemas (which I’ll return to) and  the ‘Feast of the Presentation which is what our gospel story is about. Surely it establishes at the start of his life, the fact that Jesus was brought up by his parents […]

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Seeing through a different lens: thoughts on Epiphany

Published on: Thursday January 28, 9:30 am

Epiphany season (approximately the month of January) seems to be a time when one might be forgiven for getting thoroughly confused in the narrative of Jesus life. In the gospel readings each Sunday, we jump back and forth: from baby to adult, to youth, and back to baby again. It might be compared to a […]

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faith & confidence; water & wine

Published on: Monday January 25, 9:23 am

(sermon for Sunday 24th January 2021, 3rd Sunday of Epiphany) A few weeks ago I wrote a piece on my blog about the voice of women in Advent, and the unexpected silence of men. I found it profound, and wondered that I had never seen it before, despite years of study. The impact of that […]

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overflowing abundance: water and wine

Published on: Thursday January 21, 1:21 pm

818 litres of water? or 1,090 bottles of wine? One thousand and ninety bottles of wine, anyone?  I remember once being (I confess) a little bored during a service when the wedding at Cana was the gospel reading. Six stone water jars, each containing 30 gallons. So, 180 gallons. Move that into litres and you […]

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holding hands with God

Published on: Thursday January 14, 12:30 pm

“Love, transparency, and communication” There are many images we use for God. And often the image or metaphor we use explains how we feel about God at that moment. We often talk about God being within us, in our hearts. Sometimes we take courage from the poem Footprints, the knowledge that we are not alone […]

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the place of seeming solitude and darkness

Published on: Wednesday January 6, 4:31 pm

And so another lockdown begins. How many of us feel like the man in the picture? Alone, in a huge space. All around is dark and black and frankly vast. There is no detail or boundary in the blackness. The image is eye-catching in its starkness. And yet… There is light. The man sits on […]

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Liminal Space – the time in between

Published on: Thursday December 31, 2:46 pm

Sometimes the anticipation of something is better than the actual thing itself! Do you ever find that? When the thing we’ve waited for finally arrives, the pleasure swiftly ebbs. The reality is perhaps not quite what we’ve built it up to be. Or, if it was as wonderful as we had hoped, I might compare […]

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It’s Christmas… but not as we know it

Published on: Thursday December 24, 10:52 am

This must be one of the strangest, and for many the saddest, Christmas we have experienced. As I write this, on Christmas Eve morning, I listen to Christmas Carols with such a heavy heart. I am sorry that my Christmas Eve message to you is not one of happiness and sparkles. But to write that […]

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the light shines in the darkness…

Published on: Monday December 21, 11:08 am

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1.5) Today is the turning of the year, the Winter Solstice, our darkest and shortest day, when the sun seems to stand still. From tomorrow there will be gradually more sunshine, the light growing longer each day as winter ebbs and […]

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Voices of Advent: unexpected silence

Published on: Thursday December 17, 2:54 pm

Two days ago, a close friend of mine sent me a quote which stopped me dead in my tracks. “I find delight and beauty in the silence of the men in the Advent story. Zechariah can’t speak. Joseph doesn’t speak. While the words and emotions of Mary and Elizabeth are centred. The sound of Advent […]

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unexpected renewal…

Published on: Monday December 14, 8:04 pm

The spirit of the Lord God is upon me… to bind up the broken-hearted… to comfort all who mourn…. to give them a garland instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, the mantle of praise instead of a faint spirit. They will be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, to display his glory.(Isaiah 61.1-4, […]

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the wisdom & memory of trees

Published on: Thursday December 10, 2:48 pm

thoughts on Isaiah 61.1-4, 8-11, Third Sunday of Advent When I was about 15, I remember one of my favourite albums was The Memory of Trees by Enya. I loved it – the sound, the depth, the harmony, the peace. I still love her music, and have rediscovered it these past couple of weeks. It’s […]

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“Comfort & joy”? Are you kidding?!

Published on: Sunday December 6, 7:03 pm

This was my sermon for the Second Sunday of Advent 2020… “Comfort O Comfort my people! The voice crying out in the Wilderness, Make straight the Way of the Lord!” (Isaiah 40.1-11) If any year has felt like a wilderness, surely it must be this year! Since January when the news of the strange epidemic […]

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