Careful what you say

Blog Bulletin 

Published on: Thursday September 9 2021, 3:22 pm

This month we read the letter of James. A kind of Marmite epistle. Martin Luther called it an epistle of straw because it lacked the doctrinal argument of St Paul. You may prefer it for the same reason – it is certainly practical. The timely comparison it makes is with the way misusing the tongue is like a forest fire – utterly destructive but starting with a small spark! How, therefore, we need to take care with what we say. And if, like me, you sometimes use a radio mike – be especially careful to check when you want to switch off! Or with email such as we all use – check what you’ve said before pressing the send button.

What massive consequences can follow our communications for good or bad.

Soon we shall be into the church harvest season. Thankfully there too the small (grain) can produce masses of good (wheat, barley etc) so thanksgiving is certainly in order.

Revd. Jim