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Published on: Thursday April 4 2024, 2:28 pm

“A picture is worth a thousand words” or so the saying goes. In the same way, a person’s actions reveal far more about what is really important to them, and what their true principles are, than just what comes out of their mouths. “Talk is cheap”, “put your money where your mouth is” – there are many idiomatic phrases in every language which convey this precise point, some politely, some less so, but generally using colourful linguistic images.
Seeing is important to us, as is touch, taste, smell. We are embodied creatures, not merely ephemeral spirits. We need things to hold on to in life, to anchor us, to make things “real”. Love is just a word, until we see the compassion or kindness towards someone else.
What I find so very wonderful about Easter is how visceral the Resurrection is, and all the disciples’ encounters with Jesus thereafter. Touch, Jesus says. See, feel, put, taste, eat. This is not just an idea, a concept, words. This is physical and good, creation renewed. This gives hope that hereafter will be as rich and textured and beautiful as this world, but without the breakages and pain inherent in sin.
I find myself asking, especially on “cloudy” days (which do happen, despite my general cheery outlook), where in my life do I experience the Resurrection today? Where can I find Easter joy? It is in the touch and kindness of a fellow Christian who reaches out and deliberately shares Christ’s peace with me. The person who makes me welcome. The one who holds open a door. The one who sees my struggle, and takes action to ease it. The person to whom I can offer comfort, to whom I can listen and give attention and space.
Words without actions are emptied of the depth of meaning of which they are capable. They are line drawings, full of promise but with no colour to bring them to life. Actions without words can sometimes feel scattered, robbed of nuance, without the depth of symbolism that shared description and meaning can give. Together, action and word bring life, depth, colour, meaning.
The Word of God came and dwelt among us and we experienced his love, saw his glory, by his wounds we were healed, and he has given us his peace. May we share all this in all we do and say, so by Christ’s grace we too can become “imagers” of God.

Revd. Talisker

Photo by MohammadHosein Mohebbi on Unsplash