“Wild Worship” – time in Nature


Published on: Tuesday March 31 2020, 12:45 pm

Whilst we are confined to our homes, our daily walks can become an incredible time of wonder and worship – we are spending time in God’s own cathedral of Nature. Today I came across this wonderful resource of creative outdoor prayer ideas from thesanctuarycentre.org. You can find it here. http://thesanctuarycentre.org/…/creative_prayer_idea_wild_w…

A Wild Worshipper’s Prayer

God of the wild and wonderful –
of arcing skies and miniscule, jewelled wings –
set my worship free to explore beyond these walls.
Re-ignite me, excite me and creatively delight me
as your word comes newly alive through the colourful witness of your world.
Re-tune my senses, sharpen my mind
and quicken my spirit to your presence
as I look, hear, smell, touch and taste more of your goodness and lead me out into greater adventures
of discovering you and caring for all you have made.

(photo courtesy of unsplash via google)