The Beatitudes and Social Media


Published on: Saturday July 6 2019, 9:24 am

Let’s Make Social Media Kinder…

Another post from Bishop Steven, this time on Social Media and The Beatitudes – let’s make social media a blessing, not a burden.

“Fifteen years ago, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube didn’t exist. Today, 67% of people in the UK are active users of at least one of them, and we now spend almost two hours each day on social media. Yet society is increasingly fearful of the risks of fake news and harmful content and distrustful of the very platforms that consume so much of our time.

Our lives are irreversibly online, lived with ever decreasing levels of privacy and hyperstimulated to a relentless place. Few of us have stopped to properly consider what it means to live well in this age, but as Christians, we have an essential part to play in the shape of online society.

This week the national Church launched a Digital Charter, which includes guidelines and a pledge that anyone can add their name to as part of a personal commitment to making social media a more positive place.”

Read the rest of the blog post here.… The list of the beatitudes and how they relate to social media and our daily lives is really inspiring and thought-provoking.