Plough Sunday – 14th January

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Published on: Thursday January 4 2024, 2:42 pm

On Sunday 14th January, we are going to be running a special service at Hinton Waldrist to ask God’s blessing on all our daily work during this New Year. Whatever our life context – whether we are at school, working at home, in paid employment, volunteering or retired – all of us work. The service will be a chance to ask God for grace and help to navigate our work and its challenges – to do our work well, to handle pressures peacefully, to maintain good relationships with our colleagues, and to flourish in our work. 

Traditionally this service is known as Plough Sunday – and many churches would have had a plough blessed to acknowledge the importance of the work on the land. In recent years, Plough Sunday has become an opportunity to recognise that God is interested in all our daily work, and in our service we will commit all our work – and ourselves – to Him at the start of this new year. 

As part of the service, we would invite you to bring along an object which represents your own work, whether that be paid or unpaid, inside or outside the home, so that we can include it in the service and ask God’s blessing on what we do. For example, if you work on the land, you could bring some soil; if you look after children or grandchildren, you could bring a children’s toy; if you are a doctor or nurse, you could bring a thermometer or stethoscope; if you cook, you could bring a wooden spoon; if you are at school, you could bring a favourite reading book. (All the items will be returned to you at the end of the service.)

All are welcome to our Plough Sunday service, and we hope that many of us will take this opportunity to commit all we do to God at the start of 2024.


Photo by Michael Austin on Unsplash