Mike’s Rough Sleep

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Published on: Friday November 26 2021, 10:06 am

Christmas is a time of the year when, inspired by the story of Joseph and Mary and the baby Jesus sheltering in a stable, we think of the disadvantaged and homeless as they endure the long winter nights.

Two people who are doing more than think are Jane Cranston and Mike Sheil, both over 70, who will be sleeping rough in the seven churchyards of the Benefice during the week of 12 – 18 December. Jane was High Sheriff of Oxfordshire in 2017 when she helped established Youth Challenge Oxfordshire (YoCo) and is currently the Chair of the Oxfordshire Homeless Movement. MIke Sheil is a retired photographer living in Buckland who won a World Press Photo award for his documentation of child trafficking in West Africa.

They are seeking to raise money for two local charities, Aspire Oxfordshire which works to prevent homelessness amongst young people and YoCO , who run a challenging programme to help young people develop personal confidence and resilience.

Their schedule is as follows:
Sun   12 LIttleworth

Mon  13 Pusey

Tue    14 Charney Bassett

Wed  15 Lyford

Thu   16 Longworth

Fri     17 Hinton Waldrist

Sat    18 Buckland
so please support their effort by making a donation. at