#LiveLent – Week 3 – Land and Vegetation


Published on: Wednesday March 11 2020, 9:31 pm

Continuing our series using the #LiveLent tag, next week (16th – 22nd March) we turn to the Land and Vegetation, and we’re reading chapter 3 of “Saying Yes to Life”, as we explore the incredible beauty and abundance of the earth and all the plants which grow.

Read Genesis 1.9-13 – The earth brought forth … plants yielding seed of every kind, and trees of every kind … and God saw that it was good.

Monday – get in touch with Nature – perhaps spend time outdoors noticing any plants, trees and wildlife. Get wet, go for a walk, dig the earth. 

Tuesday – find out how trees help the planet.  Trees do so much to support other life around them – people, animals and plants. 

Wednesday – save paper – and trees – today. Think of ways you might use less paper.  What can you recycle?

Thursday – pray for people leading action on environment, who are working hard to encourage changes that will help tackle climate change and conserve the natural world. 

Friday – prune your stuff! Sharing and re-using things is good for the environment.  Do you have unwanted things like toys or games or clothes that you could give to a friend or donate to a charity shop?

Weekend – Take a break. This weekend includes Mothering Sunday, the half-way point in Lent.  Enjoy a break and treat yourself (and those who care for you) this weekend.

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